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The Clans: Cappadocian

Justicar: Musashi | Omicron
Description: Clan Cappadocian history stems from the ashes of a fallen clan. The Assamites, founded by Devilbiss, were a group of assassins obsessed with bringing death and with the destruction of the other clans. With the help of Blayze, Devilbiss sought to bring about the vision he had for his clan. But the history of the Assamites is short lived, the vision of Devilbiss and Blayze encited the hatred of the other clans too soon and brought the clan to its knees. To prevent total annihilation the clan abandoned Devilbiss' vision and with it their existence. Devilbiss vanished and has not been seen since...

With the help of Sapphon, Blayze set out to rebuild the clan, but the vision had changed and Assamite was no more. Cappadocian was born, the vision distorting to that of a clan enraptured with death and the endless pursuit of knowledge.

By this time, Blayze had begun to sink into torpor and Sapphon was left to guide the clan alone. But the vision was unclear to him and the clan fell into mediocrity, becoming a clan for the weak and estranged. Soon Sapphon followed Blayze and disappeared, leaving a destitute clan behind. But even so the clan managed to survive, thanks to the will and vision of a few newly embraced Cappadocians. The will and vision of these young Cappadocians did not go unnoticed....

There appeared one called Leshrac, who became enraptured of these fledglings and their suffering clan. A vision of a new and greater existence for Cappadocian formed in Leshrac's mind and he sought to claim leadership of the clan. Fueled by this newly birthed vision, Leshrac claimed his place as leader of Cappadocian.

And so a new history begins...
Website: Cappadocian Clan Website
Clan Stats: Active = logged in within 60 days.
Active Sires: 0.
Active Princes: 1.
Active Members: 1.

Total members over all: 59.

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