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There seems to be quiet a bit of misinformation being spread on the mud. Based on the person(s) involved, I am not surprised.

A few months ago when I returned, I discovered that super items had been awarded as quest items. Admin discussed this and we decided that this was something that needed to be changed. At the time, I spoke with Kanyon about having some of these items. He gave me an item. Last night I found out he had another item that he didn't tell me about.

When I asked him about this item, he acted like he had no idea that I had asked people to turn in their items. He told me he didn't know about it and it must have happened while "he was in torpor". Then, he admitted giving me an item he had (which I certainly already remembered).

This really made me angry. I silenced him until *I* cooled off. He used his title a bit so I no_titled him.

I left after this.

He was NOT punished for having the items, he was punished for not telling me he had more. I can't understand why he'd think I would take one and not others. I thought I had most of the items. The only reason I found out about Kanyon's item is that somebody mentioned it to me. I did not take the item from him or ask for them - I just silenced him for pissing me off (lying to me then playing dumb) and quit. Kanyon's a dedicated guy. Maybe he didn't understand, I'm just not sure. That's why I left. At the time I intended to come back after I cooled down and deal with him. I still plan to do that.

Those of you that have known me for a long time realize a few years back he'd have been denied/banned.

It's become obvious that some more are items out there. The most troubling thing to me was the transporter items. I am *fairly* sure I have them all. The other items aren't as big a deal - except for the fact that they can be misconstrued as being unfair. I will be removing them as I find them.

So, to summarize: I silenced Kanyon because he hid the fact that he had more items from me. NOT because he had the items. Silencing is a pretty weak "punishment".

Oh, and by the way - look up Godwin's law. I heard that I was compared to Nazi's. You've got to be ******* kidding. I took away global channels. I didn't cause the death of millions.

If you have an issue with me, address me - not the mud.


On a non-related note - there were some complaints about a recent quest. Admin will be discussing this a bit more later. It's not the kinda politics/drama that I want to deal with so we'll try to prevent any controversy in the future.

I'm going to leave this up for about a week then delete it.