Updates 25th of June

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Updates 25th of June

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As most of you know, the motd and help changes have been neglected for some time. They've both been updated (the pink's temporary, I promise).

Some of the changes listed have happened over the past year, so don't get all excited.

The most notable recent changes are the fix the blackdeath, the wait_state bug when fighting groups of mobiles and new damage messages. Don't get all bent about the damage messages, they actually space damage out a bit. Supernatural means a lot more than it did before.

We're in the process of getting a lot of changes into the game. We will be doing a bit of cleanup then working on a serious of major overhauls. Some of this should be boring for you and some will be awesome. Some of you will hate it and some will love it. Hopefully most of you realize any change is good at this point as stagnant as it's been for the past few years.

Please use idea, bug, and typo commands. Please post on the forums. Please pm and email admin. Please talk with admin.

PLEASE don't get pissed if we don't use your idea, we will listen and think about it.

PLEASE tell us when you think we've broken something (ie, made an unintentional change).

We have at least 5 people actively working on the game now. That's up from 1.5 (I'd say 2, but in reality both of these admin really didn't have a lot of time to work on the game). I won't promise anything, I've seen the folly in that before. But you should see some progress.