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Nosferatu Justicar

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We are now taking applications for the following position:

Justicar Clan: Nosferatu

Justicars are NOT admin. A justicar has the honour of leading his or her clan as he/she sees fit, as long as it falls within guidelines created by the Admin. It is important, however, for potential justicars to remember that a bad leadership may lead to their removal. These positions are not permanant and in NO way mean you will one day be a Seer or above.

If you have to be away from the mud for extended amounts of time, please let us know. If you're not sure when and if you'll be back, it might be wise to step down from the position. If we lose contact with you we will appoint a new Justicar.

There is no size requirement.

You do not have to be a member of the clan to apply for the position.

Clan Nosferatu is open. (2 positions)

In your application, please list your mudding experience, your qualifications, information about YOU (age, sex, location, hobbies, occupation, and other relevant information),the name of the character/s you played on VW (if applicable) AND the clan your character is in.

Please specify in your application (in the subject) which clan you are applying to lead. Please send your application to

If you are currently a Justicar, please read the Justicar forum for more information.