Astaroth Clarification

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Astaroth Clarification

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This is rumour control.

Astaroth drove away a small player. I left it within the clan, as it was his clannie. What he did was minor really and it was up to his justicar to give him a slap and maybe remove prince tag. He basically acted a bit silly and childish. He morted a clannie as some sort of lesson on pking while they were bashing, with only those two on game. The clannie was annoyed and posted it on forum. Ast then came back calling them a tell tale and other less nice names and saying he wouldnt help them again, told them the justicar was going to be putting them in place. Agrieved clannie thought stuff this and left. (Short version)

He then posted a "log" which had been liberally fixed, and anything that put him in a bad light was removed. Due to this I felt that it would not be dealt with in clan, as he was making sure he came out smelling of roses. So it then became as admin issue, as driving players from game has always been in the past.

I then when I finally got him removed his nod quest. That was it, I feel this was quite light being he is in a clan with several large active players.

I then left to do errands to come back to him and his partner having titles like this

Warrior Astaroth Dont ask for help i might drive you away
Vagabond Annabella hate ******* liers and people that juges unfairly!

I transed them both to me and Ast quite straight out. So they are now banned from game. Ast has been banned under different names, and let back several times. Game is supposed to be fun for you and also for us.