New Quest about to happen just a heads up.

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Re: New Quest about to happen just a heads up.

Post by Derubael »

Very excited for this.

Whos got my soul im going to warp them to an empty dimension.

After i get my soul back that is.

Curious to know how this will work? Mob will have our soul? Can we have help retrieving it?

A couple armor runes and a few million gold would make a really good reward for a really challenging quest. Or maybe a big hunk of stats across. Emphasis on really challenging for big rewards. Banning guthrie from mirrors for a month would also put a big smile on my face

Also, a large number of qp tokens to hand out to tremere would make some haply clannies =)

But like ive said before - getting there is the fun the reward is just a bonus.

Cant wait to get started.
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