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Post by ghnat »

one problem i have seen since the changes is that after you cast a spell, the round doesnt start immediately but it says you are in combat. then after around 2 seconds it starts combat. my concern is that in pk people could flee before the fight 'starts'
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Re: problems

Post by daitja »

Just wanted to respond to this one publicly since it may seem like it could affect pk until a fix goes in:

The bug causes the aggressor (using kill or an aggressive spell) not to be "in combat" until the normal fight rounds kick in. However, the lag on the "kill" command and any aggressive spell other than "magic missile" cause that player to remain stationary until they get hit, so there's no opportunity to gain some unfair advantage by attacking then moving. Functionally, it's just a combat/normal buffer mix-up. It will be fixed next copyover.