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If you find yourself bugged, you can now have the executioner reset your base stats back to where they should be by typing "say fix me please". This generally applies to situations where your hitroll, damroll or AC aren't where they should be (2, 4, and 70 respectively) when you're dispelled with no equipment at max attributes.

My issue with this command is that it makes it even more difficult for us to find the sources of the problem, since it allows players to avoid reporting situations that caused them. If you have a good handle on your stats and pick up on a problem quickly, please send an e-mail to support describing what you were doing previously, a log of your score and exactly what's wrong (hitroll and damroll both 2 below what they should be, etc.). Optimally, we'll be able to root out the causes and eliminate the need for this command, but we can't do it without help.
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