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Post by Kalamire »

According to my profile I haven't logged in since 2016 and my character was created in 2006. I can't for the life of me remember my password? Was there a way to get a reset?
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Re: Password

Post by Helmut »

Does not seem to have an email in the profile. So. nope.
help pcemail
Syntax: email <address>
Example: email <>

Please put your email in your profile. We do not sell your email, or use it in any other way
except to contact you in case you lost your password, or if your account has been locked out. If you
decide not to put your email in your profile, in the event something was to happen to your profile,
we will look in your profile and see no email is there and tell you there is nothing we can do to help
you. The only people that can see your email is YOU, and the Admin team. If you have any questions,
feel free to ask.
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