Admin don't take requests

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Admin don't take requests

Post by Valynn »

Admin don't do requests......

Zabir found that out when requesting I send him to snowy (quest in snowy fields)

I sent him to snow demons in the Freezing Paths of Hell.

Then there is the request from Iori.....
Iori chats 'make me a champ'.

Zabir chats 'but thanks for all the helpers!'.

** Poof - Iori is a champ **

Zabir chats 'nommy druss ghnat you guys are solid'.

[Nosferatu]:[Iori] lol.

Zabir chats 'artimus makaveli for the cool saves and heals'.

Iori chats 'correction make me food'.

[<Valynn>] <21028(Vn) Admin Rooms(Ar)> c loc mcdonut
Your eyes glow bright purple for a moment.
Mcdonut carried by The Mcbaker.

Mcdonut appears in your hands in an explosion of energy.

Garden of Sorrow
[Exits: north west]
Somewhat out of place within the darkness of the
Nosferatu haven, a beautiful and brilliant garden of
rare flora has been maintained here throughout the
centuries. Here clan members come to remember their
beloved brethren who have passed on to the eternal
(Invis) (Hide) (Translucent) (White Aura) (Vampire) Druss is hovering here
...Druss is surrounded by a crackling shield of lightning.
...Druss is surrounded by a burning shield of fire.
...Druss is surrounded by a shimmering shield of ice.
...Druss is surrounded by a bubbling shield of acid.
(Invis) (Translucent) (White Aura) (Vampire) Iori is hovering here
...Iori is surrounded by a crackling shield of lightning.
...Iori is surrounded by a burning shield of fire.
...Iori is surrounded by a shimmering shield of ice.
...Iori is surrounded by a bubbling shield of acid.

Ghnat chats 'who you give it to?'.

Desades chats 'summ on makaveli'.

Iori bows deeply.

Druss hugs you.

Iori transforms into a white vapour and pours into mcdonut.

Mcdonut says 'how goes valynn'.

You chat ' your a donuit'.

Druss says 'i wanted the donut!'.

Druss says 'can i make something eat it? :P'.

You chat ' anyone hungry?'.

Druss's eyes glow bright blue for a moment.
Druss says 'Come forth, creature of darkness, and do my bidding!'.
A guardian demon bursts from the ground and bows before Druss.

Druss's eyes glow bright purple for a moment.
Druss twiddles his thumbs and a bright ball of light appears.

Mcdonut chats 'heh, yeah'.

A guardian demon picks a bright ball of light up.

A guardian demon lights a bright ball of light and clutches it in his right hand

Mcdonut says 'whu?'.

Druss says 'demon is hungry :)'.

Mcdonut says 'how goes valynn'.

Mcdonut says 'why cant i see my stats?'.

Druss says 'because you don't have any'.

Mcdonut says 'wtf?'.

You say ' cause your a donut '.

Druss says 'ur an f'ing donut'.

Mcdonut says 'when did that happen???'.

You roll on the floor with laughter. ( <- at this time I was seriously laughing my *** off)

Druss says '... like 20 seconds ago'.

Mcdonut says 'um damn'.

Druss says 'i'm trying to get valynn to give you to my demon so he can eat you :P'.

Mcdonut says 'nooo'.

You chat ' omfg I should log this convo with iori and druss lol'.

Sami chats 'lol'.

Druss says 'give it to the demon!!! you know you want to'.

Mcdonut says 'dont eat me!'.

Druss says 'the demon is always hungry'.

Mcdonut says 'im not tasty'.

Druss says 'your from mcdonalds'.

Druss says 'everything is tasty'.

Mcdonut says 'nos donuts are old an moldy'.

Druss says 'just unhealthy as ****'.

Mcdonut says 'bad indegestion'.

Druss says 'McDonalds **** doesn't mold'.

Mcdonut says 'make you sick'.

Mcdonut licks his lips and smiles.

Druss says 'you ever seen a moldy Micky D's french fry?'.

A white vapour pours out of mcdonut and forms into Iori.

Iori says 'yeah!'.

Iori says 'im me again'.

Iori says 'WOOT!'.

You chuckle politely.

You say ' still want me to make you food? lol'.
Still, it was a good turn out for the quest I put on...
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