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The Clans: Gangrel

Justicar: Damerion | Guthrie
Description: These Kindred seem to have the impression that "back to nature", means ruthlessly slaughtering anyone that comes within their precious forests. Some kindred scholars argue that the bestial nature of the Gangrel clan is a reversion to an earlier time in humanities development. Gangrel have mastered the Disciplines of Animalism, allowing them to understand and control their essential Beast, as well as have some control over wildlife. Protean allows Gangrel to change forms and alter their very substance, creating vicious claws or shifting to a form of mist. Fortitude insures that any who dare to oppose a Gangrel will be almost completely unable to damage them. Any who oppose the Gangrel may find themselves dead somewhere in the tranquil forest they thought to rest in, or victim of a terrifying hunt of terrible beasts, and possibly even the dread Lycanthropes.
Website: Gangrel Clan Website
Clan Stats: Active = logged in within 60 days.
Active Sires: 2.
Active Princes: 1.
Active Members: 5.

Total members over all: 240.

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