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The Clans: Malkavian

Justicar: Mathias | Ominium
Description: Malkavian elders will inform you politely that madness is the road to wisdom. Perhaps it is, but it's also the road to gibbering insensibility and fits of uncontrolled rage, and it's the road these Kindred tread. Vampires of the Malkavian clan can use their powers of Auspex to see into others very soul, glimpsing the uncharted depths that make us up. They also have mastered the art of Dominate; perhaps as a result of their occasional moments of lucidity they can also control the minds and will of others. Finally these Kindred have learned to supernaturally hide themselves from view with Obfuscate, cloaking their very presence from the unwary observer. Their very insane unpredictability makes these Kindred terrifying enemies, since at times they may shrug of mortal.s insults and at other times fly into a towering insensate rage at the slightest provocation.
Website: Malkavian Clan Website
Clan Stats:
Clan Stats: Active = logged in within 60 days.
Active Sires: 0.
Active Princes: 0.
Active Members: 3.

Total members over all: 248.

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