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The Clans: Nosferatu

Justicar: Axeslanga | Crypt
Description: It is said that if you peer into someone's eyes, it can be the window to their soul. In the case of the Nosferatu though the blinds are wide open, their hideous nature shows on their twisted scarred faces. Other clans claim that the Nosferatu only embrace those that have darkness within themselves, while the clans Neonates say that they merely choose not to hide the nature of the Beast that dwells within us all. Whatever the truth is, one must only gaze on a Nosferatue once before realizing his vampiric nature. Perhaps, as a result of their terrible visage the Nosferatu have mastered Obfuscation, allowing them to move unseen, as well as Animalism, perhaps in an attempt to even fuller embrace their own inner nature. Finally these vampires have the discipline of Potence at their command, allowing them to perform feats of unparalleled supernatural strength. Woe betides he who angers this clan and does not watch the shadows carefully.
Website: Nosferatu Clan Website
Clan Stats: Active = logged in within 60 days.
Active Sires: 0.
Active Princes: 0.
Active Members: 0.

Total members over all: 186.

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