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The Clans: Ventrue

Justicar: Ghnat | Justin
Description: Vampire society must have leaders, strong ones to enforce the masquerade and to keep the "lesser" clans in line. So the Ventrue say anyhow, these refined socialites seem to spend most of their time considering their considerable personal power, and in instructing their various minions in complicated tasks. Given their refined subtlety it is little wonder that Ventrue have mastered Dominate to control their servitors and the other Kindred they encounter. Fortitude ensures that if any dare to actually challenge these masters of the night they can withstand great amounts of damage, and the art of Presence allows them to impress and sway the minds of huge group.s individuals. Those that earn the wrath of the Ventrue are well nigh doomed to a life of harassing attacks and minor manipulations that will interfere with their every move.
Website: Ventrue Clan Website
Clan Stats: Active = logged in within 60 days.
Active Sires: 1.
Active Princes: 0.
Active Members: 2.

Total members over all: 260.

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