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To add directions first create a new page.
To create new page type the area name at the end of the wiki url Name

It will take you to a page that says:

"There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title in other pages or edit this page" Click on the "edit this page"

Add your directions and at the bottom of the page put the category directions to tag it as directions.

[[Category: Directions]]

You can view them all here: category: directions


links to this page, which looks like this.

JCH - 5s3ed6e4s4e5s3e3swsdwn 

NOTES: 5k+ recommended 

[[Category: Directions]]

You can also add these tags too:

[[category: Aggressive]]
[[category: None Aggressive]]
[[Category: Mountable]]
[[Category: NonMountable]]
[[Category: Spell Zone]]
[[Category: NoSpell Zone]]
[[Category: Shadow]]
[[Category: NOShadow]]
[[Category: Recallable]]
[[Category: NORecallable]]