Land of Nod

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The ONLY REASON you want to come here is to get your 6th clandisc. Nothing more.

NOTES: 10k HP & Champion Status required to gain entry

To get to the "Blood Filled Cavern", I found a short cut.

Nvm everything you know in the past. Soon as you go down, and east into "Water Filled caverns", flee N, flee W, flee S, flee E.

Bam you will reach "Blood Filled Cavern". :)

  • Please note that directional flee DOES work. There are plenty of older vampires who are overly confident abt this not working. Pls shed that notion and know while it does work, it tends to fail with a 35% rate too.

I was lucky it worked back to back for all my flees. I've used it for many runs and soloed my harpoons at 5k, did it for my slayer run and got it at 10k, and now I use it for NOD and it worked too. So have a open heart and try it. Afterall, if directional flee works 100%, it would be call, "WALKING" instead ^^. All those ppl who recommended "Just flee randomly around", they dont know where the entrance of blood is, and their hp is probably like way beyond 13k+.


In the blood mist rooms, type LOOK FLOOR. There will be different riddles in different room.

Possible answers to the riddles in the blood mist rooms:

[1 - tulip] [2 - asp] [3 - goldmoon] [4 - talemon] [5 - jack frost]

However, there is a new riddle I ran into today:

At the top of the tower she makes her home

five heads she has to make it your tomb

a stone she carries that helps complete a rune

who is she?

Guess what's the answer? I got pissed trying all the "suggested" answers.

And then it came.. BAM. The answer is TIAMAT!

wth.. -_-"