Vampire Hunters Guild

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JCH - 5s2wd

NOTES: Van Helsing lives here, mobs stake, 10k required to gain entrance

You need to get a crucifix from one of the vampire hunters in the main lobby. The crucifix will return you to a room below executioner when your about to mort if you activate it. To activate it wear it around your neck and 'activate crucifix'. Next you need to get your first key from the priest that is in that area. Try to hunt 5.priest, it usually works. If not just try to figure it out on your own. Then you need to get the other key from trent. From trent hunt van helsing. When you get to the second door and go up there should be a key in the first room north you see. To get it type get all tapestry. ;) From there is another key in this hallway and I'm not sure which room it's in but just go to each room and type get all sculpture. Look for a down exit and go there. There will be a bunch of mobs you need to kill in this next hallway and they all have keys. When you get to a safe room at the end of the last hallway unlock south and look south. See all those mobs? Wait until there is like 1 or 2 and go south and stance swallow. This is the last part of the run and you have to flee through it. Just flee until you get to a room with a door in it (you'll know it cause no mobs will enter it). Van helsing is on the other side of that door with a couple mobs. Good luck