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About Vampire Wars

What is the MUD's concept?
Vampire Wars is purely a vampire mud, it has no werewolves, demons or mages, as such it has allowed us to concentrate on vampires. We are developing a discipline and powers system based on White Wolf's RPG books. We currently have 6 vampire clans and mortals. Vampire Wars is based closely on Vampire the Dark Ages, it is World of Darkness style MUD in which the Vampire clans battle for domination of the realm, each clan pitting its skills and its cunning against the others in a struggle for survival of the toughest! Each clan has one or two leaders, and there is a status system within each clan allowing members to gain additional power within their preferred clan. The mud code is based upon Merc 2.1 code, but has been heavily modified, and is always undergoing changes and improvements.

What kind of atmosphere does it have?
The mud has a good environment for roleplaying, especially with the vampire clans, and many of our players get into the spirit of things. One thing to note about the mud, is that it is also a PK (Player Killing) mud, which means that players characters can be killed by other players, however, starting (newbie) characters need not worry, as a player must 'go avater' (choose to raise their level) before they can kill, or be killed by other players. Naturally, this means that before a player 'goes avater' the options and abilities available to their character are somewhat limited, but if a player really wishes to stay 'mortal' then that is fine, they will be missing out on all the fun though :> Also, a character need not become a vampire (though they must be an avatar if they wish to do so), but they will find themselves at a disadvantage if they choose to stay human, as vampires tend to be far superior to mere humans.

Is it very complex?
Yes, a new player may well be overwhelmed at first with all the different possibilities. There are numerous spells you can learn, combat stances to master and the all important decision of which clan to join, but this is the case with most muds these days and most players seem to pick things up pretty fast.

What about vampire clans?
Many players will join the first clan that offers them membership, figuring that all the clans are pretty much the same, or join the clan with the most members, or the one with the most powerful members. This is not neccesarily the best thing to do, as merely being in a clan does not guarantee that the rest of the clan will bail you out of trouble, or for that matter, be about at the time. The best course of action (in the humble opinion of this member of the mud admin), is to find out as much about the clans as possible, before making the decision to join one. Possibly the most important information to find out is what the clan disciplines are, i.e. what powers the clan have, as this can greatly affect the style of play for your character. For more information about the varying clans, see "The Clans" web-link from the main page.

We hope that this has encouraged you to take a look at our humble mud, or at least managed to fire your imagination, after all we are usually in the top 20 MUD's at www.mudconnector.com. You can also see the 'Mud of the Month' feature for Vampire Wars at the Mudconnector. This mud is the official decendant of the original Vampire Wars.

How do you play the game?
To play Vampire Wars, you can use a special program called a Mud Client. There are many clients to choose from. Most players chose Zmud, Gmud, TinTin, or plain old Telnet. You can find links to sites containing these programs and downloads of popular programs elsewhere on this website. To connect using telnet, click here or on the Vampire Wars title at the top of the page.

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