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The Policy

The Ten Commandments:

  1. Kill and decapitate other players, or else:
  2. Other immortals will kill and decapitate you.
  3. Forgiveness may be divine, but vengeance is much more fun.
  4. Don't whine or complain, or someone will kill you.
  5. If someone whines or complains, kill them.
  6. If someone DOESN'T whine or complain, kill them anyway.
  7. Might makes right; A corpse will never betray you.
  8. Friends are useful. So is the exp you get for decapitating them.
  9. Rules and alliances are there to be broken; never trust anyone.
  10. Stop reading the stupid rules and let the slaughter commence!

There are a fair number of serious rules, we began with none, but over the years we have been forced to implement some basic rules to live by. Our policy has always been to gather proof then tackle the cheats, in recent times however it has proven increasingly hard to gather the evidence needed to delete a player we know is cheating.

THEREFORE we have taken the step of allowing ourselves to delete a player without having the hard evidence in front of us, if the admin. council agree unanimously. Often we have partial evidence or we have seen things but don't have them documented, and too many times this hampers our efforts to punish cheating players and enables them to carry on cheating sending a negative message to the rest of the players, and wasting hours of our time we could be spending advancing the mud (or fixing YOUR P-file).

Our POLICY in no particular order:

These are the fundamental rules of conduct for Vampire Wars Mud. If you break these rules in any way, you will be punished.
  1. You will not drive players away from the game.
  2. You will not exploit loopholes or bugs for advantage.
  3. You will respect the Admin team.
  4. You will not get your client to play the game for you.
We do in ALL cases attempt to be fair, we can only act on the evidence we have and our best decision, if you don't agree then I'm afraid its tough shit. We have discovered that 99.9% of those who don't agree with our decisions ARE cheats. There is NO appeals process, our decision is final, no amount of emails or bleating will help your case.

We reserve the right to add or change the rules as code/situations change. The lack of a WRITTEN law does not mean u can do anything that is NOT written down. Think before you act. Attempting to use a 'LOOPHOLE' to avoid one of these LAWS may get you deleted.

The Laws, in no particular order are:
  • No botting (including 'age botting')(help botting for definition)
  • Multiplay is illegal unless one of the characters involved is an admin character. (help multiplay)
  • No using 'storage' or 'decap' characters
  • 'Torsoes' are limited to approximately 5 minutes
  • No sharing characters (including giving chars away)
  • No transing of ANYTHING to players in combat.
  • Do NOT kill mortals. (Report troublesome mortals to Admin)
  • Report bugs/loopholes immediately; you may be rewarded; exploitation, or abuse of them will bring immediate, no questions asked, deletion. Reporting a bug does not give you the right to abuse the bug until it is fixed.
  • The word of an Oracle (or higher) is FINAL, NO exceptions.
Definition of a bot:
A bot is a set of triggers and/or aliases on a client, that interact to do a set of actions automatically, without input by the player. They do such things as: train spells, get beast down, clear out areas, create and kill guardian demons/clones/mounts, get quest items and complete cards.

To train your spells up/beast down etc. please enter the commands manually. Tintin and Zmud both let you enter say '#25 c fireball', which is fine. If you are using macros/aliases/"#25 c spell" to train, please respond to any inquiries by Admin within 1 minute. If you are spell spammed, break link and reconnect.

The use of triggers on Vampire Wars is limited to minor things such as recasting spells, casting repair, and regenerating. The use of triggers to automate the game is illegal. If in doubt about a trigger set, please ask. DO NOT USE YOUR CLIENT TO PLAY THE GAME FOR YOU.

NOTE: The use of a bot on Vampire Wars is Illegal, and can get you deleted.

This is not an exhaustive list, we reserve the right to add to it at any time and without notice (notice will usually be given in MOTD). If you are found guilty of something, then you ARE guilty in the eyes of the MUD, the best method of protest to what you consider an unfair decision is honesty from the start. If you have cheated, admit it. We are more inclined to offer an honest and reformed player a second chance than one which lies to us.

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