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Zuggs Homepage - Home of the great zMud

Mudonnector - listing all the best muds around

Tucows Homepage - For every useful computer application.

The official Vampire Wars Archives

The VW Building Page - Learn how to build areas for your favourite mud!

YahooGroups - Join the official vw_classic mailing list.

Revelations of the Jyhad

Tech TV - The Internet Station

Astalavista - a great site for hard to find resources.

Fark.com - a good site for humorous news.

Trillian.cc - Instant Messanger built for all the popular IM's (ICQ,AIM,IRC,MSN,Yahoo)

Jakob Persson's site - Creater of Chronicles Template and many more for phpBB forums.

Mud Games Directory - Mud Directory/listings.

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