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Welcome to the Vampire Wars, where mere mortals are born into a world where Vampires rule. In our world, Vampires hunt other Vampires to gain not only status, but the respect of their clans and the entire MUD. Only the strong will survive, and to gain the strength needed, we'll need to start your training right away.

To play, logon to new.vampire-wars.com:6666 with your best equiped telnet program. I'll be in the shadows, waiting for you!!

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Recent Vampire Activity

Total-> Decaps this year: 1 Stakings: 0

Info -> Kreepe has been decapitated by Kortland on Feb-24 14:04:48
Info -> Jerrico has been staked by Messenger on Sep-07 03:18:12
Info -> Utopia has been decapitated by Deku on Sep-01 22:10:07
Info -> Jerrico has been decapitated by Redemption on Sep-01 18:34:28
Info -> Mask has been staked by Tyron on Aug-05 23:37:57
Info -> Erevis has been decapitated by Christopher on Aug-04 20:07:04
Info -> Tildian has been decapitated by Sumden on Jul-23 15:51:10
Info -> Musashi has been staked by Dawkins on Jun-24 16:42:14
Info -> Dagrim has been decapitated by Sumden on Jun-20 01:46:22
Info -> Dagrim has been decapitated by Musashi on Jun-13 18:11:32
Info -> Raeken has been decapitated by Eshra on May-29 05:53:21
Info -> Raeken has been decapitated by Esham on May-23 17:35:40
Info -> Tildian has been decapitated by Sumden on Dec-20 07:22:59
Info -> Rigor has been decapitated by Stillenger on Dec-01 22:03:07
Info -> Tealq has been decapitated by Rigor on Nov-27 00:14:19
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