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The Clans: Brujah

Justicar: Asmodean | Necrotic
Description: The Brujah clan is a heartbreaking story to many. Once, the Brujah were refined scholars who studied naturalistic processes and codified the lore of the kindred. The city of Carthage was their greatest triumph they claim, a place where Kindred and Kine lived in harmony. Other clans dispute this history, but it seems clear the Ventrue pawns in alliance with other clans and their armies laid siege to Carthage and finally sacked it. Brujah himself, one of Caines perhaps most blessed childer refused to lift a finger. His wife of many years, Troile, came before him and implored him to save the city, but he refused. In anger, Troile slew Brujah and diablerised him on the spot. Troile was enraged and ran amuck, slaying many neonates who had come with the Ventrue's mortal armies, but she was unable to stop the sack of the city. Carthage is but a memory now and the Brujah have become a sad reflection of their former selves.

So called "True Brujah" ,those not of Troile's, masters a discipline known as Temporis, allowing them to manipulate the very elemental power of time, but since her crime the Brujah have instead become heirs to a legacy of rage and rebellion. Today.s Brujah have the Disciplines of Potence for supernaturally powerful strength, as well as Celerity to lend them the ability to move unimaginably quickly. Finally the Brujah, perhaps as a memory of their former staid ways have the discipline of Presence at their disposal, allowing them to focus their terrible rage upon a particular enemy, or to harness the innate rage of a group of Kine, turning them into a mob bent on destruction.

Those who anger the Brujah usually have little time to regret it, for the Brujah quickly will fly into a Frenzy, lending them even greater strength and power. Usually this results in the death of the Brujah's opponents, and often the Brujah themselves as well.
Website: Brujah Clan Website
Clan Stats: Active = logged in within 60 days.
Active Sires: 0.
Active Princes: 2.
Active Members: 5.

Total members over all: 137.

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