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The Clans: Toreador

Justicar: Dawkins | Desades
Description: The Toreador clan is in love with creation, beauty, and the creation of beauty. Sadly, anyone they embrace seems to instantly lose their muse, so they are largely a clan of effete art critics. Don't tell the Toreador this though, for they insist that they are a great clan of appreciators. Their love of beauty can be a fatal distraction for the Toreador, as they can be stunned into insensibility upon seeing a particularly noteworthy creation. The Toreador clan have mastered the Disciplines of the true vision Auspex, allowing them to even turn their servants into a form of art by manipulating their very souls and to see a work of art all the more clearly; as well as Presence to allow the Toreador to sway the masses, and manipulate their opinions as well as cultivate a dreadful gaze. Finally, and perhaps most mysteriously the Toreador are masters of Celerity, the discipline of supernatural quickness. Perhaps the time they save by spending bits of eternity staring at paint on paper is spent in these fatal moments of blurred movement.

While the Toreador clan may seem to be a worthless pack of poseurs many of their enemies have discovered too late that there are those who make an art of the kill, and the eternities of arguing insubstance has sharpened their wits to a keen razors edge.
Website: Toreador Clan Website
Clan Stats: Active = logged in within 60 days.
Active Sires: 1.
Active Princes: 2.
Active Members: 4.

Total members over all: 250.

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